A Typical Session

An overview of our courses

Sports for kids

A typical session will be based around a very structured plan.

The first 15 minutes is based on general exercise warm up where the children get a chance to run around using games based around educational learning.

The second 15 minutes is based around individual Sports, we concentrate on sports such as Football, Tennis, Rugby, Hockey & Golf. Where the children will get familiar with different types of balls and equipment that will be hopefully give them a headstart for when they start full time education.

The last 15 minutes involves the children sitting down and taking part in individual activities, the children will get an abundance of praise and attention but at the same time they will learn how to listen in a disciplined environment.

After school sports / Football club

Our after school clubs are based on the children having fun whilst being taught the basic principles of different sports.

The Football Club is based around the fundamental football skills like Shooting, Passing, Tackling, Heading & Teamwork plus we also try to wok on their fitness.

The Sports Club is set up on the same basis but playing lots of different sports like Football, Tennis, Rugby, Hockey & Golf.

Football fun

This session is a new class that has been introduced this September due to popular demand.

When our children reach school age a lot of parents have indicated that they would like their children to continue with Mini Strikers. In light of this Football Fun is a session that incorporates the same basic pattern to a mini strikers session whilst introducing the fundamental basics of football i.e kicking, dribbling, passing, rules.

These sessions last an hour and parents do not have to stay with their child.

Children's Parties

Children’s parties

A unique way of entertaining your child and ALL of their friends on their big day!

With a SPECIAL GIFT for the SPECIAL PERSON, as well as prizes for fun based games and competitions, a Birthday Party is a day to remember for any young sports enthusiast.

Mini Strikers can in fact organise your whole party from sending out invitations, supplying themed tableware to providing party boxes for the children at the end of the party.